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I don’t know who I dislike more: Elena for being a bitch with the personality of a butter knife  of John Ross for moping around said bitch with no personality

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Jordana Brewster from the Latina Magazine photoshoot [February 2013 issue]

"The character of Elena needed to clearly be gorgeous and clearly be be someone that John Ross and Christopher had been in love with forever."



Hey casting director, you failed. 

Ok I have a problem with Carmen and Elena.  First of all,  there was NO Carmen in Dallas it was Teresa.  If they want to have Elena on as a daughter of the cook/maid it should have been Teresa. 

And then I watched an epi the other day of last season.  Carmen made a comment about Christopher when he was 5.  Carmen wasn’t at Southfork when Christopher was 5.. Come on this is just STUPID. 

Cidre always says she did her research and she wants to keep the history the same.  Yeah right!  lol

I’m a little biased ‘cause I really love Jordana, she’s my little Brazilian pride. I think if they wanted a pretty (pretty, not gorgeous) latina girl, Jord has it all. However, the character of Elena is just so annoying most of us can’t stand her. To me, that’s where they failed. On the concept of her character. The casting, I can live with that.

And no, I don’t like Carmen. Give us Teresa back.


Unless you’re called Gary, Elena. Do your homework.

Damn it Elena, you know nothing.

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Interview with Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster on Larry King Now (aired Aug 6, 2012) 

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